How did you feel during yesterday’s eclipse?

How did you feel during yesterday’s eclipse? Wiped out? Me too… this from our friends at Crystal Herbs.

“When we arrive at the new moon solar eclipse on August 21st everything that we have been working with since the full moon will be ripe for transformation. The energy of this second eclipse is highly transformational in nature and carries the potential to be a pivotal watershed moment that will allow us to expand in consciousness without needing to look back, provided we are willing to allow an upgrade in the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that do not align with the vibration of our true self.

This eclipse will trigger a movement from masculine to feminine energy on our planet, something that will have far reaching effects on our consciousness and how we relate to each other as a collective. As always during times of major transformation it will take time for everyone to come into alignment and many will initially appear to resist the flow of this change. Focus on anchoring the changes within yourself and remember to go with the flow for best results!”

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