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Wow, the clocks have gone back already, so there’s not much of 2017 left! More massive global shifts are coming in 2018 so get ready for more “interesting” developments in all areas of life. How can you keep sane when all around you seems chaotic? I find meditation, reiki and yoga give me the grounding and healing that I need to keep giving support to others. If you’re ready to step into the next level of reiki, course info below.

LOUISE L. HAY 1926 – 2017 
“As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others”. I invite you to honour author and healer, Louise L. Hay who died last month at 90 years young. The work of Louise L. Hay is key to everything I’ve done: her affirmations and teaching are invaluable to every reiki healer. Not only did she self-publish a tiny book of affirmations, which grew into a world famous self-help publishing house, she was an extraordinary woman who’s own work on forgiveness and compassion led to a inspiring life of self-love; she also led many other great authors to create their spiritual work for the whole of humanity. Her best book is her first: “You Can Heal Your Life” which I always recommend to my reiki students. Thank you, Louise for all you’ve given us.

I know many of my reiki and Oneness students have gone through the Course in Miracles. It’s still on my shelf and I’m still reading it very slowly. 🙂 I have just finished the classic “Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson, which is fantastic. She explains the core teachings in the Course in Miracles, consciousness and compassion in a very down to earth, easy to read way. I definitely felt a lot of divine energy whilst reading this book.

We had a wonderful time at the first London Oneness Source and Synchronicities course last month. I had such a fabulous experience, I was blown away by the energy and it was delightful to connect with the UK Oneness family. I’m running a short Oneness course on 18 Nov in Brighton, before I fly over to Chennai in India to do the Journey 1 and 2 courses at the Oneness University, now called OO Academy. I’ll let you know how I get on, maybe I’ll start levitating, since the last time I went to India was in 2013!

Saturday 4 November – Reiki Master-Teacher
Sunday 5 November – Reiki Two – SOLD OUT
Saturday 11 November – Reiki Two – SOLD OUT
Sunday 19 November – Reiki One
Sunday 26 November – Reiki One – SOLD OUT
Sunday 17 December – Reiki Two – SOLD OUT
Tuesday 19 December – Reiki Master-Teacher
Wednesday 27 December – Reiki Two
Saturday 30 December – Reiki One
If you would like to continue your Reiki Journey with me, do get in contact. Prices will be increasing on January 1 2018.

Learn all 3 levels of Reiki before the end of Dec 31. Book now and receive 20% off total price, ends soon! 

Has it been a while since you learnt reiki with me? I’m offering 3 hour refresher sessions with reiki and meditation for anyone who’s worked with me in the past. It would be great to catch up and see how you’re getting on and do more together. https://brightonreiki.co.uk/prices/

Give yourself the gift of time to heal, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Come for a reiki treatment any time, I’m here for you.

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I look forward to seeing you soon and Happy Halloween!
Love Rifa xx

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