Reiki and Oneness

I’ve been asked three times this week: how does Reiki fit in with Oneness? Over the years I have been giving reiki and teaching reiki to others, I have noticed that reiki energy has a certain quality: I see it as a purple energy, very dynamic and warm. It is a pulsing force that cuts away at negativity and heals on many levels. It’s similar to Archangel Michael energy and Shiva energy. It is a powerful, creative force. Angelic energy can sometimes feel like a soft pinky-gold light, more feminine and nurturing, like Archangel Gabrielle energy or Lakshmi energy – sweet and lovely.

I have also experienced an all encompassing white healing light and Mother Mary blue energy as well as many other energies of different qualities. For me, there is no good or bad, I think of them like colours of the rainbow, whatever you need or are drawn to at that time or whatever wants to come through will appear. The reiki is just one of those colours or energies but they all come from the same source, the clear, no colour at all – where light is refracted, the diamond or the prism. We call it Oneness, the Divine, Grace, the All That Is, God, because our tiny brains can’t even fathom the vastness of this pure light.

The oneness deeksha blessing brings a different quality.  It might have a permanent effect on the brain and it goes deeper, in a shorter time and the initiations do not take as long as reiki. We needed to learn reiki to prepare us for accepting and using this new oneness energy that has been coming through from the Universe for a few years now, but will reach a climax over 2011 through 2012.

Other kinds of spiritual practice (such as Kundalini yoga, praying, meditation) will prepare you to open up to this energy, not just reiki, which is why many people are being drawn to learn about higher energies at this time. The oneness movement use many yogic based techniques of meditation and chanting as well as hands on blessing (deeksha) to help to open up to the energy.

It’s not about healing but on the way to spiritual development you will find your relationships improving, your youthful radiance returning and a general joy for life increases. A greater sense of compassion and connectedness comes about through meeting like-minded people and helping each other through to oneness. We can release the need to compete as ‘practitioners’ or ‘therapists’ and be more authentic within ourselves. I will continue to teach reiki and give reiki treatments as long as people want them, but for me, the Oneness has given me the deeper connection to the Divine that I have been looking for – and I am just beginning!

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