The Energies of February 2020

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The Energies of February

In general, the energies of February will offer us an opportunity to re-evaluate, tie up loose ends and gather ourselves after the intensity of January’s energy flow. While many of the themes that January brought forward for you are likely to continue needing your attention through February, it will be in a more dilute and manageable way than was possibly the case over the last few weeks.

A Focus on Healing Emotional Wounds
The cosmic line up this month has a focus on helping us to heal old emotional wounds, particular those of the heart. You will most likely have connected particularly strongly with anything that is most important for you around the full moon on February 9th.

There are some very deep and painful old issues coming to the fore for many people at the moment, often things that we thought we had dealt with or maybe had no idea were there.

When something is really painful, we can all be tempted to resist exploring, however it will definitely move through quicker if we just allow ourselves to feel the feelings, acknowledge what is there and allow flow. We are all getting more practised at this, but it can still take us by surprise on occasion.

A Time for Action
The energetic flow this month will be quite insistent that we take action to implement any changes we identified as important during January’s illuminating intensity. This could be something practical in your outer world but is just as likely to be something you identified as being redundant within yourself. For instance, a particular fear of moving forward or a subtle thread of victim consciousness that stops you from taking full responsibility for yourself.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury will turn retrograde for the first time in 2020 on February 17th at 12.54am UTC and will appear from our vantage point on Earth to travel backwards through the heavens until March 10th at 3.59pm. This period will offer us an enhanced opportunity for inward reflection and gathering our inner wisdom but also signals the need to pay particularly careful attention to how we communicate in the outer world.

The Influence of Aquarius
Each month of the year the sun shines upon the Earth through a different constellation, magnifying its influence and the energetic qualities and opportunities that it stimulates.

This year the sun moved into the constellation of Aquarius on 20th January, so we are now receiving the full flow of magnified Aquarian energy.

In astrology Aquarius is represented by the symbol of the water bearer, who freely distributes the waters of life and love to all. The airy, expansive energies of Aquarius stimulate connection to the higher mind and bring forward the spiritual values of unity, sharing, freedom and right human relationships.

From our perspective looking out to the cosmos from Earth, Aquarius is now occupying the influential position of Earth’s rising sign, as you might see it in an individual astrological chart. This means that we are now fully into the Age of Aquarius, so not only will we experience an annual magnification of Aquarian energy at this time of the year, it will also remain a consistent and potent influence on Earth for the next 2000 + years.

Cultivating the Art of Allowing

In general, the energies of February will offer us an opportunity to re-evaluate, tie up loose ends and gather ourselves after the intensity of January’s energy flow.
Even though we are only just into February there is a strong sense building that the energies of 2020 as a whole, are set to take us into previously unknown territory. This feels both expansive and exciting but also brings forward the need to focus on how best to negotiate the new possibilities that will be revealed.

There are many streams of reality opening up on the planet right now that are offering choices which were previously unavailable. At this current time the old third dimensional reality of polarity, fear, domination, control etc is still playing out in full force. However, there are also many more expanded layers of reality operating side by side with this old reality that we can now choose if we wish.

Steadily increasing levels of high frequency light flowing onto the planet are expanding our awareness and opening doors into new realities based in love and unity consciousness. To stay in these new levels of awareness takes practice and a level of mindfulness that we have not previously been used to. A helpful foundation to assist with this is to actively cultivate the art of allowing.

Allow What Is
Holding your focus in a new reality will depend upon your ability to allow the old one to go on around you without getting sucked back into it. Practice allowing everything to have its place whether you resonate with it or not. Falling into fear, judgment, anger or any other reactionary vibration will only strengthen the old reality. Focus instead on creating vibrations that resonate with the reality that you would like to see expand. For instance, gratitude, respect, cooperation or happiness.

Each time that we do this with focus and determination we are anchoring these vibrations into physical reality, creating reference points that others can use. Literally we are laying the foundations of a fifth dimensional reality which will in time replace the current mainstream reality. Meanwhile we are learning to navigate between realities and becoming masterful at allowing new choices to manifest.

Allow Flow
We are often told to ‘go with the flow’ and of course this is good advice, however it can often be interpreted as a need to allow life to move us along as though we are a lump of wood in a fast-flowing river. This is a scary thought for many and can lead to greater resistance rather than less. Instead try learning to allow life to flow through you. Stay firmly in the driving seat of your life, grounded, present, connected and happy. Breath and feel the energies of life flowing through you. No need to move outside of yourself, simply allow everything to flow to you. Choose those things that resonate with you and allow the rest to flow through. Relax and enjoy.

Allow your Heart to Lead
Stay connected to the wisdom of your heart and allow your inner truth to reveal itself. The heart is the leader in the new levels of awareness. It is the heart that will bring forward the new ideas and inspiration from the higher mind that will offer solutions to many of the seemingly unsolvable problems of the mainstream reality currently being played out around us. Allowing life to flow through you will bring these things right into your awareness.

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