The New Age & 2012

2012 is not just a date but signals the turning point in many ancient calendars including the Mayan and the ancient Indian. We are already seeing the end of the old, unsustainable ways of working and living, the old economic and political structures are collapsing. The environmental impact of our industrial way of living is already causing chaos around the world and there are many dire predictions for 2012 and beyond. We in the Western world have been so far removed from the ancient ways of working with the seasons and the earth since the industrial revolution – we really believe we can harness time and space and the earth itself to work for us forever, stretching forward forever in one long timeline.

The ancient Indian scriptures (the Vedas) explain a more cyclical view of civilisation. There are 4 ‘yugas’ or ages which take roughly 26,000 years to make a full cycle. We have been at the mercy of a selfish, money orientated mindset for about 5000 years – the ‘Kali Yuga’ the most destructive of the 4 cycles.  But from now until 2012 there will be this great unravelling of the old ways, giving way to a new way of living, more compassionate, cooperative ways of working and living – a Golden Age which will be fully realised in Golden Cities around the globe – The Awakening.

We can make a difference by using spiritual techniques including meditation, yoga and deeksha. Many people are feeling guided to join more groups and join together to visualise and manifest a better world. There are many spiritual teachers and gurus from all over the world coming together and experiencing a new higher energy, direct from the Divine, more powerful than ever before, to help more and more people to awaken. This is a pivotal point in the history of humanity and won’t come round again for another 26,000 years. Get involved.

Every Thursday evening there’s a Oneness Deeksha & meditation group in Brighton for more details contact Rifa

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