This month is for Gratitude

The word “gratitude” (like “surrender” and “forgiveness”) is one of those laden words, that makes the more cynical of us baulk. In some companies I’ve worked for, I rarely heard anyone say “thank you” or “sorry” – it was seen as a sign of weakness: no-one ever wanted to take 100% responsibility for their actions, let alone their feelings. Blame and Guilt are two emotions with the lowest vibrations (Worry also has a very low vibration).

We often talk ourselves out of our successes or won’t even allow ourselves to think they could be successful. We believe that success will  never  happen to us, or if it does it will be less than good for whatever reason. We deny ourselves possible new houses,  happy jobs,  lucrative contracts,  big  bonuses… I know we are trying to protect ourselves from disappointment but  somehow despite all of these negative thoughts, success does come to talented people, giving people, people who are willing to give themselves wholeheartedly to their work, without thinking about the end result. A very useful formula is:

Intent + Effort/Action + Divine Intervention = Success/Growth

You’ve got to start somewhere, so allowing yourself to just think about the possibilities…what is your dream job? where do you really want to be living? what would it feel like if someone wrote a brilliant review of your work? We can then extend these positive thoughts and feelings out to the whole world.
Each and every time something good happens in your life, say “Thank you”. Give thanks to whoever or whatever the benevolent force you wish to think about: the universe, the divine, god, angels, spirit guides…luck, destiny, kismet…it all counts. Each time someone offers something to you or pays you a compliment, practice saying “Yes!” and “Thank you!” Accept it fully. You deserve it.

I am testing all of this out this month. I used to write. I used to win writing competitions and get stuff published back in the olden days when printed newspapers and magazines mattered. For various reasons I stopped writing creatively and focused on other things that I felt I was good at. One of my dreams was to one day publish a novel. Publishing any kind of book would be amazing. Having written three reiki manuals for my students is not the same. This year, three friends are getting published. And I am pleased for them, really pleased. 🙁

I have no excuse not to start so I’ve signed up to do NaNoWriMo this month. NaNoWriMo is an online event that started a few years ago, to help support people who want to write a novel. The aim is to write every day for the whole of November, upload your word count each day and have the support of a community while you do it. It’s more of an exercise to see if you can actually write a 50,000 word body of fiction. It is about quantity not quality at this stage, but usually people find that after doing it, they are more focused on writing their ‘real’ novel. Their site is often not working because of the sheer numbers of people who want to log their word count!

I am finding it deeply satisfying to write every day, splurge on the page and knowing that I only have to do it this month. By December it will be all over. I ask the Divine to help me every day to write and somehow every day the words come. And every night I say Thank YOU.

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