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Our world has been in a particularly unsettled, chaotic state for some time now, but despite this everyday life has continued to function with a reasonable degree of ‘normality’ for most people. However, this has now changed with the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus, a pandemic which is gradually turning everything upside down and rocking the foundations of everyday lives all around the world.

Internal Alarm Bells Go Off When We Feel Threatened
Changes on this scale are not something that humans in general respond to particularly well. Internal alarm bells go off when we see our everyday security being threatened by something apparently outside of our control. Fear, panic and anxiety follow, emotional responses that can be so strong they prevent us from seeing the reality of a situation.

Collective Fear Spreads Like a Virus
Collective fear works rather like a virus, in that it spreads fast and is not easy to contain once it gets going. It is a seductive energy that can pull you in very quickly and make it much more difficult to know what is best for you in any given situation.

This is because the vibration of fear is an imprint stored in both our personal emotional body and within the emotional body of the Earth. Take a moment to reflect upon the number of events in human history that have left an imprint of fear down the ages and you will see that memories of plague, famine, wars, sieges and massive earth changes are all archived experiences just waiting to be triggered off by anything that carries a similar vibration.

When this happens, we can find ourselves suddenly engulfed in fear and not be able to recognise that what we are feeling is not all about what is happening now. Simply keeping this in mind will make it easier to respond to the current situation in a proportionate way.

How To Stay Calm When Your Fear is Triggered
One of the most important things we can do for ourselves and for those around us right now is to stay calm and generate an atmosphere of balance and harmony. Holding the positive vibrations of balance and harmony with focus and intention will make a very big difference as we go through the next few weeks and months. Not only do these energies impact your own well-being, they also create a positive vibrational field that others can align with.

What is going on now is all part of the transformational process that we are going through as we create a new reality based in love rather than fear. Taking time out to breathe with awareness, ground and connect with yourself will greatly help you move through the challenges and opportunities of this time with ease and grace.

From Crystal Herbs

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