Top tips for 21 day clearing process

Give yourself healing

After receiving reiki attunements, you will go through a process of clearing and detox lasting 21 days (sometimes more). Each day, give yourself healing and spend at least three minutes on each position.  Watch a reminder of the reiki self-healing positions.  

Set an intent for your healing before you start and call the reiki energy, for example: “I want to feel energised,” or “I want to feel calm and relaxed.” You can say a short prayer, or simply ask the reiki to come in, for example: “I now call in the reiki energy, may it go where it needs to go, for the greatest good.” Use reiki music that includes a chime every three minutes, so that you don’t have to watch the time. The chime is the signal for you to move your hands on to the next hand position. I love using Reiki Healing Hands and Reiki Touch of Love, both albums by Anuvida & Nik Tyndall, who are reiki masters. These have been around for a long while and are available on most music platforms and to buy online. Before you purchase anything labelled ‘reiki music’ always check that it includes the chime. I do not believe in copying music, so please try to pay for your music whenever you can, to support the artists.

Keep a journal

During this 21 day clearing process it’s helpful to keep a journal of your experiences and to give yourself healing every day. Record any chakras or areas of your body where you feel sensations such as tingling, or if you see any colours or have any insights. Make a note of any daytime experiences: chance meetings, serendipity or crazy coincidences. Healing sometimes happens with ex-partners, or colleagues, or friends, when you least expect it, through a chance encounter or maybe some new knowledge comes to you. Make a note even if nothing happens, because the next day you give yourself healing, might be the day that you see unicorns and rainbows, or the day that you feel a lot of different, more powerful sensations.

Build a habit

It takes 21 days in a row to build a habit, so even if you only get a chance to give yourself healing on one position for three minutes, it’s best to do the self-healing every day. Ideally you will complete the whole routine. If you miss a day, just pick up the next day. If you want to build the habit, you could even start again at Day One if you have missed days!

Create a sacred space

Make your space special before you give yourself reiki. Light some incense, maybe a candle if it’s safe to do so, switch off your phone and make sure you won’t be disturbed for 35-40 minutes. Have a blanket and some water nearby and make sure you are lying completely comfortably on a couch, on the floor, or in your bed. If you’re using your smartphone to play the reiki music, make sure it is switched to ‘flight safe mode’ so you’re not disturbed.

Get used to the energy

The 21 day process is helping you become used to using reiki energy and helping the attunements to continue working on you. This is an important time for releasing past patterns, unhelpful thought processes and emotional baggage, as well as a physical detox taking place. You might feel tired for a week or so after receiving reiki attunements, so drink plenty of water, rest and be gentle with yourself. Keep giving yourself reiki to help the process go smoothly.

Effortless detoxing

You might find certain foods, such as red meat; as well as alcohol or smoking no longer serves you and healthy changes may occur without effort. Some people report having stopped smoking and hadn’t even realised it for several days! Sometimes more dramatic clearing can happen such as a sudden breakup of a relationship, or loss of a job that is no longer good for you. This may seem like a negative event but is actually the universe getting you out of your own way so that something even better can enter your sphere. You may be propelled to travel to another city or country, or get offered a dream job, or meet a new highly significant person in your life during the 21 day process, which is very exciting to look forward to.

Keep giving yourself reiki self-healing after Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master attunements, to ensure the 21 day clearing process is as smooth and gentle as possible for you. Set positive clear intentions and start planning your new life, filled with fun and happy changes. You can’t force the process so just relax and enjoy the ride.

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