Winter Solstice on Tuesday 21 Dec

I received an email about the Winter Solstice on Tuesday 21 Dec and I have reproduced it in full here, with permission from Mike Grenville of the UK Oneness Movement

“It appears that the Solstice on 21st December is a candidate for mayan
calendar ending. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said many years ago that the
Mayans got the date a bit wrong, though it is not known what he said
was the right date. However, in 1968 Maharishi said that “everything
for the Age of Enlightenment will be in place by 2011” which would
mean by the end of December 2010.

On this date the planets are lined up and points to centre of the
galaxy. The benefics and malefics are both in powerful condition,
however because of their position, the benefics are able to over see
the change and point it in a positive direction.

If this is the end of 26,000 year cycle, where the first 13,000 years
were ruled by the devas and the second by rakshas, we are coming to
the end of that whole period. As a result we could see the malefics
doing their things vigorously in a final act (for example as we are
seeing in Mexico of drug barons wiping each other out).

In Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, the moon equals the mind so an eclipse of
moon is an eclipse of the mind. One might get unusual ideas suddenly
at that time and one can jump to wrong conclusions easily so take
special care in not making big decisions. This indicates that it is
best to be inward at that time, such as meditating.

This will be the first total lunar eclipse to occur on the day of the
Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere; Summer in the Southern)
since 1638 (according to Wikipedia).

Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice at 23:39 UTC
Full ( Oak ) Moon at 08:13

The beginning of the total eclipse will be visible from northern
Europe just before sunrise.
Time to observe for most of time zone: 05:29am – 08:53am (GMT)
Penumbral begins: 5:29
Partial eclipse begins: 6:33
Total eclipse begins: 7:41
Greatest eclipse: 8:17
Total Eclipse ends: 8:53
Partial eclipse ends: 10:01
Penumbral ends: 11:05
See this page for illustrations of the phases

The full Moon, and its total eclipse on this longest night of the year
is timed perfectly to give us all a quiet time when the world sleeps,
and to synchronize countless people’s efforts to harmonize with each
other as this video suggests we do:”

Mike Grenville

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