1 hour REIKI TREATMENT – in person or distant healing: £149

REIKI ONE course: £650

REIKI TWO course: £800


Rifa only works with people who’s hearts and minds are open to this special spiritual work. Her style is informal and relaxed but the teachings and energy of her sacred home is extremely powerful. The work you do together will have a lasting impact on your life. Get ready for big dramatic changes in your life. You will receive powerful attunements, a unique blend of all the different initiations that Rifa has received from many high vibration teachers.

A certain level of trust must be attained before you decide to book the course. Rifa offers a free phone call and she may decide not work with you,  if she feels you are not ready. This work may seem light but it is a serious commitment to a dedicated and high vibration teacher. If you do not value this work, there are many reiki teachers that Rifa has taught to work with, at a vibration and price more suited to where you are on your spiritual  journey.

You can pay easily by cash, bank transfer.

Brighton Reiki is now closed. If you are a former student you can still contact Rifa.