Reiki Courses – How can I learn Reiki?

2018 Reiki Course Dates

More dates may be available, just ask. You can pay in instalments, by card or by bank transfer or cash.

  • Sunday 14 Jan 2018 –  Reiki One
  • Sunday 4 Feb 2018 –  Reiki Two
  • Saturday 10 Feb 2018 – Reiki Master Teacher
  • Sunday 25 Mar 2018 – Reiki One
  • Sunday 4 Mar 2018 –  Reiki Master Teacher
  • Saturday 31 Mar 2018 –  Reiki Two

Need a refresher with Rifa? 3 hour sessions with meditation and reiki available, book now.

“Rifa is an inspiring, motivational and supportive teacher. Her informal, fun courses are filled with practical examples of how to use reiki in your everyday life.” – Wave Magazine

Drawing on her many years of teaching and treating clients, Rifa uses her extensive knowledge of alternative therapies including Yoga, Meditation, Manifesting, Crystals, Angel Healing, Indian Philosophy, Nutrition, Shamanism, Insight cards and Astrology.

There are three levels of Reiki to learn:

REIKI ONE – Learn to Heal Yourself (Healer level)

Reiki One is a one day course from 10am to 5pm includes History of Reiki, Self-Healing, Grounding and Meditation. Price includes 4 attunements, certificate and detailed PDF manual. if you want to feel younger and feel better, you can learn this technique for lasting results.

REIKI TWO – Learn to Heal Others (Practitioner level)

This is a longer one-day course starting at 10am to 6pm, including 3 Reiki Symbols, Healing Others and Distant Healing. Price includes 2 attunements, detailed PDF manual and certificate. If you want to start your own reiki business, have a side project healing others or add to your therapies that you already offer, Rifa will teach you how.

REIKI THREE – Learn to Attune and Teach (Reiki Master Teacher)

This is a one day course from 10am to 5pm and includes Tibetan and Usui versions of the Reiki Master Symbol, Attuning Others and Creating Abundance too. Price includes certificate and complete manual (Reiki 1, 2 and 3) in PDF format. Is it time for you to step into leadership as a Reiki Master? After this course you can teach reiki workshops and complete the reiki system for your own spiritual development = becoming whole.

All courses are held in comfortable surroundings with herbal teas provided and groups are no larger than 4 people. We usually go out for lunch to a nearby cafe and please wear comfy clothes. Bring water and paper too! All prices include on-going support if needed.

Reiki Manuals:

Every reiki master teacher is obliged to write their own manual, to give to their students. It is an important part of the teaching, passing on the knowledge and the energy of the master in a physical form. Rifa’s manual contains over the core reiki teachings, a recommended reading list and is illustrated with her own photos and paintings. To save paper, save ink and save the planet, high quality PDF versions of the reiki manuals are now emailed to your mailbox.

Reiki Groups:

Rifa’s classes usually have 2 to 4 people in them. The Universe brings the right people together at the right time. Lasting friendships are made as people find out they have uncannily similar lives, often having the same interests, backgrounds and sometimes even rare conditions. This is not planned and often adds to the experience.

The Universe also brings together those on a similar place on the spiritual path. Rifa’s enthusiasm and energy switches the group from lively and interesting, to relaxed and alert when necessary. It’s a packed day and the support of the group during and after the workshop is invaluable.

Contact or call 0796 898 2136 to book a course