I just wanted to drop you a line to say many, many thanks for the distant healing you sent me whilst I was living in Guatemala. The four months I spent there were an incredible adventure, very difficult in parts but also very healing. I certainly felt the effects of the healing you sent and I appreciate all the support – it was lovely to have you share the journey with me! As a Reiki practitioner myself, I often send distant healing to others and, of course, practice self-healing on a regular basis. Receiving distant healing from you reminded me of the necessity to receive from others once in a while and of the value obtainable from distant healing. This will help me not only in my own healing but also as I share reiki with my clients.

Teresa Bulpin, Newport, Wales

For me, Reiki became the key that unlocked my negative thinking and made every challenge, every relationship and every day things, richer and more manageable. Reiki 1 workshop with Rifa was very relaxed and I felt very supported. It helped me to refocus my energies and realise that it was okay to centre a little time and energy on myself, so I would have more to give to my friends and family. It gave me courage to make big changes in my life, and the strength to hang on in there when the doubts crept in. The Reiki II course helped me to really embrace positive thinking and raised my confidence. Before the course I had felt slightly nervous and worried but the workshops are relaxing and comfortable and have provided me with a fantastic tool which is consistently shaping my life for the better. It’s how Reiki has made me more aware of, and grateful for, the everyday little things which now makes me appreciate life all the more.

Kerry Geldart, Nuneaton

Reiki has totally changed my life. To be able to give my animals reiki is amazing. It has made my home life so much calmer and the children love it. I can’t wait to be able to do my reiki master with you. Thank you so much you are a really great teacher.

Louisa Miles, Selsey

Thank you very very much for yesterday’s attunements and workshop. It was lovely to meet you, a real honour and a pleasure. This time around it feels right. It feels like I’ve transcended as a person. I cannot believe the change in me over the last 24 hours. YOU’RE AMAZING RIFA, I JUST CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

David Jones, Brighton

Rifa the teacher – is warm, friendly, pragmatic, down to earth and inspirational. The Course – was well planned and given with clarity and enthusiasm. Experience ñ amazing: positive, natural &life changing; Im still benefiting, learning and wondering where the next door is going to lead to. I look forward to meeting up soon for coffee, cake and some Reiki!

Tim Fletcher, Bolton

I want to say thank you again for the wonderful Master course. I’m so glad that I came across your website and decided to do my last and final Reiki level with you.You are such a lovely and knowledgeable person and your aura (and your house) is just reflecting and vibrating this unconditional love and experience. For me, it was quite a honour that you have given me the final attunement.

Petra Schreier, Middlesex

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed Friday, the Reiki was even more interesting & exciting than I imagined. You are an excellent teacher and a beautiful person, I felt almost immediately a sense of ‘coming home’. I haven’t felt so at ease in a long time.

Anita Burnett, Oxfordshire

The reiki course with Rifa was what I expected, what I wanted and a lot more. I went in to the session with an open mind and a lot of questions to be answered, and came out of it absolutely buzzing. The course was informative but also allowed time and opportunity for reflection. I found the session to be not just about healing but life in general, in terms of patterns, destiny and energy exchange.

The most comforting thing for me was the learning environment. The session was well structured and planned and executed professionally yet casually. That really touched me. We all got on really well and clicked and that left just as much an impression on me than what the atunements did, which, by the way, just blew me away. As I walked home after the session, I just felt so grateful to the universe and thanked it for everything.

Dasos Loizou, Brighton

I have what I like to think is a healthy level of scepticism about reiki healing, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’ve found reiki to be one of the most thoroughly relaxing and de-stressing exercises I’ve ever experienced. I’ll certainly be visiting Rifa again – I’d recommend her to anyone.

Joe Brett, London

I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the session the other day! Your treatment stayed with me for the entire week. It was interesting to me, comparing to my previous experience with reiki, that during your session, it felt quite subtle, but afterwards – wow – I think I floated back to my hotel room! Best wishes in your pursuits &thanks again!

George Reed, California