I had reiki with Rifa when I was really stressed with exams. After one session I felt like a weight had lifted and I could focus again. Rifa has a special gift and I would recommend her reiki treatment to anyone.

Amy Dorrington, Brighton

I wouldn’t have got this far without your encouragement, so thank you, truly

Tim Norman, Brighton

I watched your distant healing video last night for the first time, and I really liked it. You look like a beautiful person, and you have a beautiful voice. Thanks for your great healing!

Paul-Frédéric Houde, Montreal

You are inspiration itself.

Rosaleen, Dublin

I am fairly familiar with Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards, and own a pack myself. However, having a reading with Rifa was not like anything I’ve experienced before, and certainly so much more powerful and guiding than picking cards myself. Rifa gave me very intuitive advice and guidance, using the messages from the cards, and at a particular poignant crossroads in my life right now, I feel clearer about my situation and more able to trust that I will be guided at the right time through it all. Thank you Rifa – It was fantastic!

Emma Bibby, Bristol

I am one of Rifa’s Reiki students, having taken my Reiki First Degree course with Brighton Reiki in August 2009. It was a very interesting day and I learnt so much more than the basics of Reiki, as Rifa talked to us about shamanism, angels and manifesting. I left feeling rather intrigued by manifesting and in particular, by Rifa’s own experience of it. So a couple of days ago I decided to go and see her to find out if she could help me focus on finding a new job and achieve what I want from life. It was a very inspiring session, and together we came up with a list of things I actually want from my life (rather than things that will ‘just do’). I left feeling uplifted and a lot more positive about the future. I think I’m now going to think of Rifa as my Life Coach, as well as my Reiki teacher!

Paola R.

Thanks so much for yesterday, I really enjoyed it. Although felt a bit like a spiritual virgin!!..You have such a wonderful way of teaching, it all made perfect sense to me.

Karen Lippitt, Sussex

Thanks for the manual, it is very well written and very informative. I am doing well with the daily reiki and find I fall asleep straight away afterwards. Thanks again for last week it was amazing and I can honestly say that I am already more relaxed than I have been in a long time.

Francesca Peters, Sussex

Many thanks again for the amazing experience we had yesterday. It was really amazing and I’ve learnt so much. I tried it straight away on the train back to London because of my upset stomach, and it’s true, it became more quiet in the area and some people were asleep! Luckily I’m feeling better today and I’ve already done the treatment this morning to have some energy for the day. I’m looking forward to Reiki 2 and to the new experiences I’ll have every time when I practice Reiki.

Ushy Shorno, Middlesex

Thank you for such a nurturing positive Oneness workshop. I have already been giving Deeksha to my family and will be at the Yurt tonight, so it will be great to participate in deeksha giving now.

Marisha O’Hara, Seaford